On Saturday, the Hip-Hop community came together to lend their knowledge and expertise to young Houstonians at Texas Southern University.

"Hard work, dedication, faith and resilience, you know stick to it," advised Hip-Hop Mogul, Russell Simmons.

Simmons took on the role of professor to teach participants in his Hip-Hop Summits On Financial Empowerment workshop about money management.

"Artist give it to you, they give it to you simple, sometime in ways that you'll want to digest it or just the inspiration that people come from the same communities, the same struggle - a lot of people in poverty. They don't have a way to learn these simple ideas always," said Simmons.

He and other notable figures like actor Terrance Howard, local rapper Bun B, and DJ Mad Hatta came together to discuss how to budget, how to save, and how to control debt.

"That little $16 can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in paying back an interest on a mortgage," warned actor Terrance Howard.

As many as 400 people packed TSU's Granville M. Sawyer auditorium to listen, learn, and ask questions about money matters.

For up and coming entrepreneur, Richard Martinez, it was an opportunity to gather a few ideas for his own business.

"It's like he (Simmons) said, rich people act poor and poor people act rich, sometimes that is the determining factor in surviving in this world. A credit score is very important," said Martinez.

He and others walked away with information and sound advice from a man who's known a lot of business success.

"Start payingÂ… make it part of your habit not a habit to knee jerk, but to be consistent and timely," intoned Simmons.

Because even one late payment on can cost you later down the line.