A year ago today, a 7.0 earthquake left Haiti in ruins. A quarter million people lost their lives. Millions are still displaced and trying to get back on their feet. One of those victims is living here in Houston now.

The 25 year old is using his artistic abilities to make sure people don't forget what happened in his country.

Peterson Bolivar speaks very little English but if you look at his paintings no words are needed to understand how he feels.

39 News sat down with Bolivar and Marie Baptiste, the president of the Haitian Multi-Cultural Organization in Houston. Baptiste helped to translate.

Bolivar remembers January 12th, 2010.

"He says that is a day he will never forget," translated Baptiste.

Bolivar remembers the ground beneath him move. Before he got a chance to walk out of his home, he felt the cement roof collapse on top of him.

"He felt that he could not breathe and he didn't know what to do," said Baptiste.

Bolivar was stuck, but he forced himself out of the rubble to find help.

"He just thanked God at that point that he was alive but there was chaos around him," said Baptiste.

Bolivar ended up in a hospital in Miami. He had a hole in his back and doctors told him he wouldn't survive.

He made his way to Houston. His father is here now and cares for him. Bolivar's mom is still in Haiti.

The one thing that is helping Bolivar erase the horrid images is painting. He hopes to continue painting the horrid images in his mind so people will never forget.