Putting partisan politics aside and fundraising in the forefront, former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush took in the devastation Hurricane Ike left along Galveston beach.

"There's no Republican way to rebuild this beach and no Democratic way to put up a barrier. These people are hurting and we've got to do what we can to help them," said Bill Clinton.

"This is devastating and the fact that it's near home makes it more from the heart," George H. Bush said.

Through their Bush-Clinton Coastal Recovery fund the former Presidents are seeking donations to help people along the Gulf Coast rebuilding. They co-sponsored a similar fund after Hurricane Katrina, but this fund has a different focus.

"The focus is on infrastructure and recovery, not so much on relief. The estimates are that we've got about 47 billion dollars worth of damage from these two hurricanes Gustav and Ike together. Not just here in Galveston but along the Louisiana coast as well," said Houstonian and former Secretary of State James Baker. He says the fund raised about 1.5 million dollars in its first ten days, but needs millions more.

Some Galveston homeowners say they don't know when those millions will get to their community.

"I would imagine we're talking about not months we're talking about years probably and for a full recovery I couldn't even guess," said Peter Davis. "I just moved here three years ago and I planned on staying but now I don't know sometimes I wonder if do I really just want to rebuild and get my house back to the way it was and then leave," Lucy Micklitz said.

Whether people ultimately stay or leave, both former Presidents Clinton and Bush are hoping the dollars pour in to help fund the recovery.