The families of three young girls killed by a drunk driver want answers.

They rallied outside the Criminal Justice Center for about an hour Friday afternoon.

They want to know why police didn't arrest the man charged in those deaths when they had the chance.

He ended up fleeing the U.S. possibly to his home country of Nepal.

Two of the girls have been laid to rest, the third will happen this weekend, but they say it's hard to find any kind of closure until the suspect is behind bars.

"It's not fair, my daughter's not here she don't have a choice," said Toshiya Davis, Mother of 13 year old Detrihanna.

With signs in hand and pictures of their loved ones who were taken too soon, family and friends of 13 year olds Detrihanna Davis and Avianca Cortez gathered outside the courthouse

Using their voices to let their concerns be known to all.

"You got three dead young girls, a man who admitted he had been drinking, a man who is not a naturalized citizen - something is wrong," said community activist Quannel X.

Last week the two girls and several other friends were headed home from a party when Houston Police say 25-year-old Sajan Timalshina ran a red light, hitting their car.

They say he failed a sobriety test. He was taken to the hospital where tests would later show his blood alcohol was between .127 and .162 - two times the legal limit.

But Wednesday HPD said there wasn't enough evidence at the time of the crash to arrest him.

'Knowing what we know now they should have put him in jail," said Captain Bill Stanley with HPD Vehicular Crimes.

The two families said they have yet to hear from anyone at HPD or the District Attorney's office.

"We actually haven't even be allowed to receive a police report, we've called the chief of police and nothing," said Jolany Azuara, Avianca's Aunt.

Leaving some to wonder if this was a genuine mistake or a double standard.

"Had this driver been somewhere else in a different part of town and you had three little Caucasian girls die on the scene like that and this man isn't even a naturalized citizen - that he would not be in jail like that - this is more than just negligence," Quannel said.

What ever happened, Avianca's mom thinks it's sending a bad message.

"What is the signs out there that says don't drink and drive on the side of the freeway, Alaniz said. "Three kids got killed by a drunk driver and they didn't do anything about it."

Houston police say they are working with the U.S. Marshal's office to find the suspect.

The family wants to meet with the chief and the district attorney's office to talk about the policies in place now and what needs to change so this doesn't happen again.

They are planning a meeting for early next week.