Everyone knows that Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, but what many don't realize is how the popular site can affect your relationships and privacy.

Since everyone can see your interests, hobbies and your relationship status on Facebook, how does this affect you?

On Sunday, 39 News hit the streets to find out how Facebook has impacted Houstonians and their relationships.

''Yeah, I've had a couple of friends that would lie to people that would add them on Facebook and say they're not in a relationship," said Candice Appel, who just moved to Houston from Orange County, Calif., a few months ago.

Appel said it's mind-boggling that some Facebook users switch up the status of their relationship when in actuality they're not single.

"They'll go from single to it's complicated to in a relationship [to even going as far as saying they're] married. [It's] like, 'Make up your mind,' " said Appel shaking her head.

Cyndi Kelly, a Palo Alto, Calif., native who recently graduated from Rice University, said posting certain messages on Facebook is a way to stir up plenty of drama.

"You know if ex-girlfriends are sending a bunch of messages to my boyfriend that would certainly [make me angry] and it wasn't on their wall ... I mean, that's like a whole other level. Is it posted on the wall or is it a private message?" said Kelly.

One Houston couple learned a big lesson by posting too much information on Facebook. No one knew about their secret relationship at work until they made it public.

"Everyone flipped out. It was pretty interesting. We didn't even tell anyone and so everyone found out through Facebook," said Cindy Nguyen, sitting next to her boyfriend Andrew Chang.

And what happened next is very serious.

"I actually lost my job because there's a rule at work that we're not allowed to date our co-workers," said Nguyen.

The next time you log onto Facebook, pay attention to how much personal information you're posting regarding your relationships. Otherwise, "it's just a way of letting all of your friends know, like, 'Oh, we're having problems. Like, look at this,' " said Kelly.

"Facebook in some sense does affect your life. And it is a part of like, you know, who we are right now," said Nguyen.

"Honesty is the best policy," Chang said in reference to some couples who try to keep certain Facebook messages a secret. "You don't want to hide anything from anybody."

Depending on what you write on your Facebook wall could either make or break your relationships.