Things you expect to see at the Houston Zoo: giraffes, lions and bears. Animals in captivity that "captivate" anyone who walks by---but if you go to the elephants, no one can forget Max.

"Max lives here he's part of the herd," Trainer Daryl Hoffman said

He's part of the herd and the Mixed Terrier has a unique role you won't see at any other zoo in the country.

His picture is part of the elephant exhibit and his bed is in the elephant barn. Max is a companion and training partner for the people here to practice with. They work with Max and when comfortable- work the same magic with a something a bit more "maxed" out.

"Max is unique, he is a domesticated animal--not something you would expect in a Zoo," Hoffman said.

Go to Facebook and search "Maximus" and you'll see Max. His page has a following of more than 300 friends who learn about his time at the zoo. He was rescued by an employee here nearly two years ago. He is now one of the most popular creatures here on four legs.