Residents along the East Coast are preparing for a possible hit from Hurricane Earl. It is now a category 3 storm, and it was expected to pass the outer banks of North Carolina on Thursday. Hurricane Earl is affecting travelers at Hobby Airport and Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

39 News spoke with passengers, who are already feeling the effects of the storm, at Hobby Airport on Thursday.

Travelers at Hobby Airport are worried that their flights could get changed because of Hurricane Earl. And while most flights were on schedule, those flying know it could change very soon.

Joe Falco landed on Thursday at Hobby Airport from Philadelphia for a family wedding on Labor Day Weekend.

"We have people coming in all night and all morning," said Falco.

Not only is Joe concerned about the uncertainty of what damage Hurricane Earl may cause up north, but he's also worried on how this could alter his travel schedule out of Houston.

"They're saying that it could come close to land fall in New Jersey, which means we're gonna get hit pretty hard with winds and rains that we're not used to getting there," said Falco.

"We're getting married [this weekend], and half the people coming in [from Pennsylvania and Florida] are in the wedding so it kind of makes a big difference if they can't make planes to get here," Dawn & Raymond said as they awaited anxiously to find out any updates regarding family flight schedules.

Some airlines are waiving change fees for customers flying into the path of Hurricane Earl. Continental, Southwest and a few others are among carriers that have implemented policies to allow customers to make hurricane related changes to their itineraries.

"Instead of paying $350 to tell us nothing, maybe give us just a little bit of information instead of leaving folks in the dark and we don't know how we're getting there going to and from," said Falco concerning the lack of communication from his airline.

A Houston couple, who traveled to Massachusetts to watch their Boston Red Sox on Friday, are not too concerned about what Hurricane Earl will do.

"I was here during [Hurricane] Ike and, you know, it was business as usual," said Andy Russ, who grew up in Houston.

"You know, we didn't go anywhere [last time we had a Hurricane]. I slept through Ike."

"The last time [Hurricane] Rita came through, I actually escaped to New York," Lindsey Greenwood, who was on her way with Andy to Boston, said. "So it was kind of funny that now I'm actually gonna head to a place where they're actually having a hurricane this time. Anyway, it's kind of weird."

Other Houstonians are surprised that for once a hurricane is not making its way to the Gulf region.

"It is pretty random," said one Houston native, who was traveling to Baltimore to visit her Mom for Labor Day Weekend. "I am grateful that it's not coming here though. We're used to it here. We pretty much just wing it when they [hurricanes] come here."

"When I came out this morning [from Philadelphia], Hurricane Earl [has obviously been the] top story," said Falco.