We all know one too many drinks can land you behind bars if caught but Texas laws on drinking and driving may soon be getting tougher, even if you just have one drink.

It's called DWAI, that's driving while ability impaired. Texas still ranks as the number one state with the most DWI offenders. Austin's police chief proposed the law hoping to crack down on what many have called a "growing problem".

Texas folks love their football and their beer. Both seem to go hand in hand. So if you're thinking of driving home after the game many seem to think one beer is okay.

"I try to keep it like at two something like that," said Drew Scott, who was drinking a beer while watching the Texans play.

"Two," said Will Castle. "but I also I drink in the beginning and wait a couple of hours before I get behind the wheel."

A beer or two may not put you at the Texas DWI limit of .08 but a under a new proposal it could actually get you in trouble.

It's called Driving While Ability Impaired. DWAI would target drivers whose blood alcohol level is between .05 to .07.

"I thought we lived in America," said Scott, who was upset about the proposed law.

"I think its going cause an uproar in a lot of people," said Will Castle. "I don't think it's going to go anywhere."

While, Will Castle doesn't think the law will pass. Alma Arias, whose loved one was killed by a drunk driver, believes its time for tougher laws.

"Knowing that there's laws that are getting more strict on drinking and driving (is) definitely really good," said Arias.

So whether it's a beer or glass of wine you may want to think twice.

DWAI has been dubbed the buzzed driving law, which is already a law in other states. Here in Texas, lawmakers will reconvene in January to discuss and possibly pass DWAI and other drunk driving proposals.