We all know the holidays are a sure-fire way to ruin your diet.

In fact, many of us end up packing on a few pounds, but this year you don't have to!

Bella Contouring, is an FDA approved procedure, that's helping people quickly loose inches without going under the knife.

It allows you to target those areas that are impossible to loose and promises to help you drop three to six inches in about a month.

We went to ReNew Body Contouring Spa, located at Tranquility Day Spa on Post Oak to see how it works.

The machine is set and electrodes are strategically placed on Donna Pontello's stomach.

"We place them on the target area so you can choose the abdomen, thighs and buttocks or arm," the technician explains.

She adds a little ultrasound gel and let the fat melting begin -

"This is a low heat ultrasound - what that does is release the energy in the cell," explains the technician.

Katina Kearns, a spokeswoman for ReNew Body Contouring says the combination of electric shock therapy with the ultrasound actually causes the fat cells to break open. "That melted fat burns up as natural energy and we promote cardio and drinking lots of water to flush it out of your system," she said.

One session lasts about forty minutes - then you're off to enjoy the rest of your day, no downtime, no injections and no pain.

"I'm still amazed at the results," Pontello said.

After loosing a significant amount of weight naturally Pontello says she wanted to tone and tighten up.

"That few little bit that wasn't going to come off - it was more genetics than anything," she said.

This is just the second treatment on her stomach, technicians at ReNew recommends at least five to see results, but Pontello's already had success on her legs.

"I did 12 treatments, 5 inches, went from a size 8 to a small 6," she said.

"I feel better in my clothes which makes me feel better, it just gives you a better quality of life when you feel better about yourself," Pontello said.

Treatments usually run about $300, but throughout the month of December ReNew Body Contouring Spa is offering them for $119, clickhere for more information.