Despite a disappointing 2009 season, loyal Astros fans still came out to show their support during the teams' home schedule finale against Cincinnati, but the buzz among fans was not about the 3 to 2 win over the Reds, but rather what went wrong throughout the year and how the home team can redeem itself next year.

"They should change their management," said Astros fan, Jonathan Chabot. "I heard they fired Cooper. And they should build their pitching staff a little better."

"We are really going to work to make some major changes," said Astros owner, Drayton McLane.

McLane is talking about the starting lineup, new reserve players, as well as two more pitchers to help support the current top ones.

"We think with Roy Oswalt we'll be full speed ahead next year," said McLane. "Pitching is certainly the most important thing about baseball, but team chemistry and bringing the team together. The very first issue is to find the right manager."

After Cecil Cooper's firing, third base coach Dave Clark has been filling in as interim manager, but fans today are coming forth with their suggestions.

"They should hire Craig Biggio or Jeff Bagwell as managers," said Deann Tabor, Astros fan.

They will continue to stand behind the home team and remain confident about the seasons ahead.