It's Super Bowl weekend and the Texans had a practice. But this training camp was different. There was braille on the lockers and a sound box that helped guide an anxious foot to a good kick.

"He can't believe it was actually here," said Gladys Ramos.

She is referring to her son Omar. He is one of 40 visually impaired HISD students at a football camp in the Texans practice bubble on Friday.

The Texans introduced football to some of the kids by setting up football drills, simulating crowd noise, and bringing in former Texans wide receiver and punt returner J.J. Moses to speak to the students about the game. Two Texans cheerleaders will also make an appearance at the camp.

"It is absolutely amazing, it's not that often the students are together like this. We may never get the opportunity again," said student Marie Delagado.

The teachers believe the camp is a great opportunity for the students to literally get a "feel" for the game. Students were encouraged to grab the footballs, and get familiar with the laces and the texture.

This was the second year for the camp. The Texans are planning on bringing the event back again next year.