Somethings are certain in Las Vegas this week-people will lose money a lot of people will be talking about gadgets.The annual Consumer Electronics Show starts Thursday

The Recession is having an impact. Expected attendance is down about 8 percent to 130,000 visitors.

Things you'll be hearing about this week: Netbooks -.those small laptops that keep you connected. Lenovo has a $400 model. Aigo has a smaller model called a Mobile Internet Device. It has enough "power" to do everything but a "power" point presentation..

Connecting your TV to the internet is now easier..LG has a model that automatically connects to Netflix and their library of 12 thousand titles. No extra equipment needed, but you do need a Netflix subscription to download the content

Graphics giant Nvidia is getting involved in 3-D gaming. The company has developed 3-D glasses for computer monitors that are expected to be a big improvement from what we've seen over the past few years.

CES runs through Saturday, January 10th.