Looking to get away? Cheap travel deals are out there, but you have to act quickly. It all has to do with the date October 10, 2010 or 10/10/10.

In fact the travel deals are, forgive me, ten times better than usual this time of year.

This isn't the first time we've got some good buys. We saw even better stuff for 7/7/07 too. But what is it with the number 10? Numerologists say the number is one of the perfect numbers. That and it's the only time that special date hits this century. Or could it really be something else?

"It's the time that they are using unused hotel rooms so they are offering great deals," said Rey Alton of Almeda Travel in Houston.

OK, so it's just really a marketing gimmick. Blame it on the economy and the time of year. Alton says this is known as the travel agent month, meaning he and his colleagues are travelling because consumers are not. That means slow business for hotels and good deals for you.

Case in point this Marriott deal. If you purchase your first night's room at the regular price for one if it's Caribbean or Mexico resorts, you get three additional nights for just $10. To get this offer, you have to make reservations on 10/10/2010. The catch is you have to stay between October 11 and December 20 of this year.

But wait there's more. Starwood Resorts is offering 10 days, 10 destinations and $10 for your third night. The deal covers Starwood Resorts south properties like Fort Lauderdale and Puerto Rico.

Want to take a cruise to the Caribbean? For its 10th anniversary, CheapCarribbean.com is offering 90% off various packages. Act fast on this one, only the first 99 reservations get this deal.

If the number 10 is making you feel lucky, Hotel Victor in South Beach Miami is giving away 10 free nights to one random Facebooker when its page gets 10,000 "likes."

But buyer beware, always do your homework when approaching cheap travel deals - even when the number 10 is involved. - Make sure the travel dates fall when you actually want to travel - Check to see if your travel time extends into 2011 - And always read the fine print.

If you think all of this 10/10/10 stuff is just a bunch of hogwash, there is still some great advice out there for a getaway to paradise on a budget. Make sure to plan ahead.

"So now the tour companies and the airlines are giving you incentives if you book early," Alton told us. "Where before the model was if you book late, they'll give you the incentive."

It is interesting to note the deals are only for hotels and not plane tickets.

Here is the list of the Triple 10 deals we found:

Marriott resorts deal Starwood Resorts Hotel Victor in South Beach Cheap Caribbean