The fans have spoken

The Baltimore Sun

Given the size of the audience for this blog, it's legitimate to call a dozen responses a groundswell. Several of you have expressed your appreciation of the weekly video joke and deplored, if not mourned, its passing. 

It was conceived in a conversation with Mary Corey, the late editor of The Sun, as a Monday lagniappe, a little boost for the start of the work week, and those of you who have followed it evidently got some boost from it. 

So I have redoubled my research into stories that have even a frail claim to humor and are not so scabrous as to impair the dignity of The Sun: in a word, groaners.

Having scraped together another handful, I will consult next week with Steve Sullivan, the editor who has the thankless task of working with me on the project (when he can't fob it off on an intern), and the "Joke of the Week" will return to You Don't Say in February. 

Remember that you asked for it. 

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