Steady-state looniness

The Baltimore Sun

Every morning I check for dispatches from the locations in this broad republic where the simple wait to be practiced upon. And every morning I discover confirmation that H.L. Mencken's low estimate of the intelligence of his fellow citizens holds true.*

Today's confirmation came in an article about the Hon. Theodore Edward "Todd" Rokita, who represents the good people of the Fourth Congressional District of Indiana in the United States House of Representatives. Mr. Rokita is concerned about the possibility that those Central American children crossing our southern border will expose us all to the deadly Ebola virus

True, the Ebola virus has only occurred in Africa, not in this hemisphere, but I suppose in the Fourth Congressional District of Indiana all continents where citizens of the United States do not live look functionally interchangeable. Moreover, a number of the people's deputies from other congressional districts have trumpeted the alarm about these supposedly disease-bearing children. 

For those who have not, in Jonathan Swift's happy phrase, given their wits an unlucky shake, I suggest that immigrant children from Central America are a much smaller threat to the public health than the nitwit parents who are refusing to have their children immunized. 

*It is eighty-nine years since John T. Scopes was convicted in Dayton, Tennessee, of teaching Darwinian evolution, and legislators and school board members by the score are still earnestly striving to smuggle Genesis into the biology curriculum. Not all of them are in what Mr. Mencken used to refer to as "the cow states."  

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