Speak up

The Baltimore Sun

Those of you who have been frustrated by the creaky commenting software here at Baltimoresun.com may take some comfort in the news that new commenting software in being installed that should be considerably more user-friendly. I invite you to try it. 

Unfortunately, the installation of the new software deleted all the comments made through the old software, so all the comments from the past two years are gone. Any of you who would like to go back and make your points again are welcome to do so. 

A couple of other points for newcomers to this blog: Baltimoresun.com remains a subscription site. You get a handful of free page views per month before you are required to subscribe to go further. 

However, access to these blog posts through Facebook or Twitter does not count on the subscription meter. You can search through Twitter for links to past posts for ready access. And, of course, you're more than welcome to comment on Facebook and Twitter. 

I always welcome corrections and comments from readers, and would be pleased to enter into conversation with you. 

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