Rubbish you were taught: the lot

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A goodly bit of what people are told is "proper English" amounts to no more than an accumulation of shibboleths and fetishes, crotchets promulgated by self-appointed grammarians that lodged in bad pedagogy but have been repeatedly exploded by actual authorities.  In the "Rubbish you were taught" series of videos at, I picked fifteen of the most common specimens. Links to the whole series are below, but if you look for them at The Sun' s and my Facebook pages, or my Twitter links at @johnemcintyre, you can view them without incurring a subscription charge.  Before you accuse me of despoiling all that is good and true and noble in our English tongue, I ask you to consider this: I have chosen to expose fifteen zombie rules out of the multitude of actual rules and useful distinctions in English. You may pride yourself in having mastered these zombie rules, but to the extent that you are focused on them in writing and editing, you are wasting your time on things that don't matter and very likely neglecting things that actually contribute to accuracy, precision, and clarity. 


Video 1:  “None” only as a singular  


Video 2: “Hopefully”


Video 3: No prepositions at the end of sentences 


Video 4: “That” and “who”


Video 5: “Literally” 


Video 6: Beginning sentences with “and”


Video 7: “Data” only as a plural 


Video 8: “Over/more than”


Video 9: “Loan” as a verb


Video 10: “Convince/persuade”


Video 11: “Since" for "because” 


Video 12: “Decimate”


Video 13: Split infinitive


Video 14: Split verb


Video 15: Singular “they”

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