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At Erin Brenner's invitation, I will be preparing an audio conference presentation for Copyediting on zombie rules (the term is Arnold Zwicky's), the shibboleths and superstitions of grammar and usage that no reputable authority upholds but which continue to shamble through schoolrooms, devouring the brains of the young and impressionable.

The date is September 20, and I will post details about registration once they become available. In the interim, if you would like to identify a zombie rule for discussion, please feel free to do so in the comments. I already have a list but would be happy to add to it.

Then in October I will be taking part in an "Editing Summit" panel at the Communication Central conference in Baltimore, discussing what is happening in the craft of editing and how to keep up. My fellow panelists are the aforesaid estimable Erin Brenner of Copyediting, Carol Fisher Saller of the University of Chicago Press (the Subversive Copy Editor); Janice Campbell, executive director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors; Laura Poole, owner of Editorial Bootcamp; Barbara Hart, owner of Publication Professionals LLC; and April Michelle Davis, owner of Editorial Inspirations.

I am by no means clear what I might have to add to this distinguished assemblage, but Ruth Thaler-Carter thought fit to invite me, so I will contrive to think of something. The conference will run October 12-13, and the "Editing Summit" panel is scheduled for the morning of the 13th. Here is a registration form.



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