Count the peeves

The Baltimore Sun

Irregardless of the consequences, many writers start out without giving thought about the readers they are writing for. And that begs the question, what do they think they are doing? Hopefully, they only need a little help to better achieve their purpose. They are literally starving for that good advice which is readily available, the sort this site is comprised of. Some, of course, could care less about precision in language, they may be beyond help. But those who are anxious to improve their effectiveness will find myriad sites, such as this one, that center around issues of grammar and usage and will prove to be impactful. Everyone can improve their writing significantly by paying proactive attention to reliable authorities, which can lead to an OMG moment. 


At this point, I think that a substantial number of the worthy members of the peeververein will have succumbed to an apoplexy and will cease to trouble the rest of us. 

Those of you who looked beyond the mere tallying of peeves, as many as I could assemble on short notice, will have concluded that the opening paragraph is both pointlessly repetitive and essentially devoid of substance.

That leads me back to the point that I keep making about editing. If you spend all your time chasing shibboleths and tweaking minor solecisms, you may not take into account that they text itself is vapid and inane. 

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