At last, a game for sticklers

The Baltimore Sun

Bless that man Stan Carey, who has plainly paid close attention to the Peeververein. At Sentence First he has created a game that peevers of all ages and classes can play: Usage Peeve Bingo.

Print out a card. It has the classics: "since/because," "that/who," "over/more than," "position of only," "singular they," "hopefully," and more, still more. Or, as he suggests, make a card with your own set. He does not presume to be exhaustive. 

And as you play, you might keep in mind his remarks on the game:

"Some of the usages on my bingo card are non-standard and generally avoided in formal writing; others are unfairly decried. All are common peeves. For what it’s worth, nothing on the card is a personal peeve. Some I avoid, some I would remove from prose I’m editing, but I think most are unworthy of any irritation."

That, dear ones, is the voice of an editor, not a toffee-nosed stickler.


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