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For the next week and a little more the lights will be out at Wordville as the mayor takes a little time off, to sit on his ass and read books, mark the setting of the sun with the benison of bourbon, and maybe even try one more time to like Henry James.

During this interval you are welcome to consult that lovely man Stan Carey at Sentence First for his always thoughtful explorations of language. Or Jonathon Owen's post at Arrant Pedantry about his master's thesis on the role of editors in standardizing English usage, which I have been either to rushed or too lazy to tell you about. Or Tom Chivers's entertaining remarks on the British scene for the Telegraph. Jan Freeman writes too infrequently at Throw Grammar From the Train (we'd prefer to have something from her daily), so check to see whether she has something fresh. And the boys and girls at Lingua Franca always repay attention. That ought to hold you. If not, there's always Language Log.

But wait, you say? Who's going to mock the stock devices and pretentious cliches of journalism? Who is going to scold the editors of the Associated Press Stylebook? Who is going to expose the purveyors of bogus usage advice and administer a dozen of the best? Who is going to fulfill these vital functions while I am away from Wordville?

The best I can say is that you will have to shift for yourselves, because ...

I'm on vacay, baby!


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