A small milestone

The Baltimore Sun

This would have been unthinkable when I came to The Baltimore Sun twenty-seven years ago.

My colleague Kevin Rector has launched a blog at Baltimoresun.com called Gay Matters, in which he and Michael Gold will present "a new home for gay news and commentary." Mr. Rector will write on politics, policy, crime, and related matters; Mr. Gold will explore aspects of pop culture, sports, and the media.

Mr. Rector's introductory post describes the Pepper Hill raid of 1955, in which Baltimore police raided the Pepper Hill Club (on North Gay Street; I am not making this up) because men were seen kissing one another there. Officers hauled 162 men and women to jail. Not an uncommon phenomenon in the Fifties, but with this difference: Public opinion was so outraged by the indiscriminate nature of the arrests that a law was passed prohibiting such raids.

The thing that journalism does at its best is to introduce you to places, persons, events, and phenomena that you did not previously know about, so that your understanding of the world about you may be enlarged. Mr. Rector and Mr. Gold will, if you will grant them your attention, enlarge your understanding, and do so in a blog that permits conversation.


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