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180 years

The Baltimore Sun

Today The Baltimore Sun marks 180 years of publication. Of those 180 years, I have taken part for thirty.

I am a lowly cog in the operation, taking my place each day at the news/copy desk, charged with making sure that the articles that pass through my hands are as accurate and clear as I can make them.

Some days I am more successful than others. But what has been constant for my colleagues and me these past thirty years is the daily effort to bring you as much information as we can about the world around you, so that you might more fully understand it and make informed choices in your lives. (Including, if you should require it, how to make a proper mint julep.)

One of the features on the website today is a gallery of photos from the paper’s founding to the present. Have a look.

As for me, I have to get ready for work. I am back at my station this afternoon.


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