SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Many Missouri State University students sit on worn wooden bleachers while cheering on the university's football team.  That seating area will be among the first things to go if students vote 'yes 'on a campus capital improvement project.

"The first is the student section of the stadium. They are going to take it down and rebuild it. They are going to take out the field and the track and move the east side of the stadium closer in to create a better game day experience," said student body president David Schneider.

Members of the MSU Student Government Association are also working with school leaders to add more space for inturmural sports and campus recreation.

"We would have two more fields that would be jointly used by athletics and by the students.  The old softball field would be changed into a lacrosse and field hockey field, and the field at Glass (Hall) just south of JQH Arena would be converted into a track and soccer field," said Director of Athletics Kyle Moats.

If approved, these new facilities will benefit students by providing nicer areas for the university's growing intramural and recreational sports base.  It will also help take some of the strain off the university's athletic teams.

Five sports including football use the Plaster Sports Complex as their primary facility for practice and games.  Having this extra space would give some of those student-athletes a separate place to practice that caters more specifically to their sport.  This project comes with a multi-million dollar price tag.

"Between the three stadiums, we are looking at $20 million, which the university will bond and the revenue from the student fee will be about $1.5 million annually," said Schneider.

During homecoming week, students will be able to vote on whether they are willing to pay $50 more each semester to see the improvements happen.

"I think it's going to give students something to be proud of.  It's a stadium that they will be proud to own and I also think it will be an excellent tool for recruiting students as well," said Schneider.

The new Foster Student recreation center was the last major campus improvement that was funded with student fees.  University leaders say that facility has been wildly successful since opening, and its success might influence students votes on this matter.

"It would be a morale booster not only for athletics but for the whole university.  Look what the recreation center has done.  It’s a great point of pride.  Part of the results that we got back from our marketing study is that the students want more pride, they want to feel more spirit," said Moats.

Student body leaders say they will make sure student funds will be used in the most effective way if the measure is approved.

"One issue we had with that last fee was students were paying into it before they actually saw it built.  The difference between that fee [used to build the new recreation center] and this fee is that this will not be implemented until fall of 2014, at which point the new stadium should be completed," said Schneider.

Not all are convinced that forking over the extra cash will be worth it.

"I don't have an interest in paying more money every semester to get better athletic facilities.  I would rather pay more to get more updated equipment in chemistry labs or something like that," said MSU student Kate Knapp.

The measure will go before students to vote on in October during homecoming week. The university's Student Government Association will host two open fourms in late September to give students a chance to ask questions and learn more about this proposed capital improvements project. SGA has not yet decided on the exact dates for these forums, but will post the information on the university's website and the SGA facebook page when the plans are finalized.