SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Missouri State University Board of Governors approved an agreement on Friday that puts its athletics teams' clothing under the umbrella of one major brand.  The MSU Bears will soon be a part of the adidas team.  From football to swimming, the move could save the athletic department tens of thousands of dollars every year.

"I think when you get that type of sponsorship and that type of advertising that's good and people want to be associated with that brand," said MSU Athletic Director Kyle Moats.

Missouri State University will spend $125,000 the next five years to make adidas the official sponsor of the Bears.  The move could save the athletic department nearly $200,000 in those five years.  As funding from the state level continues to dwindle every little bit helps.

"It's significant dollars for us because we don't have anywhere else to cut.  We're going to have to cut programs and cut squad sizes, so we're looking at everything we possibly can to help reduce that cost," Moats said.

There are incentives on both sides of this agreement.  For Missouri State, all shoes provided will be sold at a 45-percent discount off the retail price.  Team apparel -- including uniforms, bags, even batting gloves -- will be sold at a 50 percent discount.

There is an incentive for the basketball teams and football team to do well.  Landing a Coach of the Year award for either sport lands free products worth between $1,000 and $2,500.

Winning an NCAA title in football scores $25,000 worth of free products, and just an appearance in the Big Dance for basketball grants $5,000 worth of free products.

Adidas stands to benefit from a vast amount of exposure.  The company will have logo placement on media guides and game day programs.  It will also have logo placement on MSU football schedules and posters.

Furthermore, the company will have rotating signage at JQH Arena.  Corporate banners will also be allowed during baseball season.  At football games, adidas will be given logo space on goal post donuts and allowed endzone signage.

An additional marketing tool for adidas is access to an e-mail database that grants the company two blast e-mail messages a year.

The University Bookstore is not affected by the deal.  It is still allowed to sell whatever apparel it wants. The bookstore manager says, if the demand for adidas goes up, it will act accordingly.