SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Months of planning for an international visit is finally starting to pay off.   Several high school students from around the world arrived in the United States today with      plans to make Springfield their temporary home.

"We bring in kids from 25 or more countries to stay either a half or full school year in the United States," said Leanna Bremenkamp, International Education Coordinator for the Springfield area.

Six students from Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Norway touched down in Springfield this afternoon to meet the famlies that will be hosting them for the next few months.

"Mathildeis from Denmark, she's 17. Actually when we picked her she shares a love of cheerleading with our daughter and that's going to be fun," said Bremenkamp.

And although the students are thousands of miles from home, they consider this visit to a foreign country more of an adventure than a challenge.

"I want to learn about the culture, I want to get a new place, and do something new I never have done before," said Mathilde Fischer, an exchange student visiting from Denmark.

But host families aren't the only ones who will learn valuable cultural lessons from these visitors.

"It's really important because it brings a sense of awareness of the global community to our area. As we get busy in our day to day lives we kind of get caught up in our own little thing and this opens our eyes to what's out there in the world," said Bremenkamp.

And while some students may be dreding the return of the school year, for others it can't get here soon enough.

"Try to do the American high school. That's what I am really waiting for an excited for," said Fischer.

The students visit was coordinated through the Springfield area chapter of Education First. The non-profit organization is currently looking for more host families. If you are interested or want to learn more visit the following web address : http://www.ef.com/us-home/