SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The police investigation of the abduction and rape of a woman who told police that she was drugged in a bar continued on Thursday, five days after a cab driver’s call led officers to interrupt the assault.  Two former Missouri State University students from Saudi Arabia are charged for the crimes.

Police say Zan the Club on Patton Avenue downtown, where the woman said she was drugged and abducted, is still a part of the investigation.  On Thursday, the club's general manager said he questions part of the woman’s account that police put in the probable cause statements against Rayan Alqabbaa, 21, and Ahmed Alanazi, 27.  They’re each charged with kidnapping and forcible sodomy.

"We were 100 percent behind the police.  We want all the information to be out there for everyone to see,” said Zan general manager Ryan Warren.  "We’re not trying to hide anything."

The woman told police that she received two drinks, on the house, from a bartender when she walked into Zan.  After that, she said she doesn't remember much, according to the probable cause statements.  The woman spoke to a detective on a telephone after she was treated at a hospital for her injuries.

Warren doesn't believe a bartender gave the woman free drinks.  He also says his employees are trained to try to stop customers from passing purchased drinks to another customer.

"It’s actually shocking and quite eye-opening to know there are people out there -- predatory people that might use drugs to incapacitate someone and take advantage of them,” said Warren.

Warren says he is aware of the problem of laced drinks, nationally, but is surprised it could happen here.  He said he has talked or will talk with every employee who worked that Friday night into early Saturday.

"We've got cameras on every inch of this place.  We're doing our own internal investigation on what took place," said Warren.

"I was driving down McDaniel going eastbound and I see two gentlemen and a lady, and they were flagging me down,” said Brian Newman, the cab driver who picked up the victim and Alqabbaa and Alanazi. 

Newman vividly remembers dropping off the trio at an apartment complex on Elm Street near MSU.  He immediately contacted police after they got out.

“They showed no concern for that.  They picked her up like a sack of taters, threw her up on their shoulder.  Way too much was revealed at that time, and they didn't even care,” said Newman.

The club manager’s account of what happened that night is much different than what's laid out in the probable cause statements.  Warren says he has video evidence to prove the victim was walking fine on her own when she left the club that night.

"With our own investigation, we've proved that that was not the case,” he said. 

"You didn't see anyone carried out?" a reporter asked.

"I can confirm that no one has ever been carried out without being addressed by the police or myself,” said Warren.

Warren says his security team keeps a close eye on every person at Zan, but this incident serves as a major wake-up call that he and his staff can do more.

"I think it’s important we make sure, when people leave here, they don't leave by themselves or without proper due diligence that everyone’s safe that leaves,” he said.

As for the cab driver, he just knew he had to do something.

"A person needs to step up and stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves,” said Newman.

Police have not decided whether to recommend prosecutors charge anyone else for this case.

The two men were in the Greene County jail on Thursday in lieu of $1 million bonds.