EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. -- Thorncrown Chapel, an Ozarks treasure, sports a new look after 32 years.  Couples from around the world have been married there.  A special ceremony on Tuesday afternoon celebrates the improvements, which ensure this landmark touches lives for years to come.

"Things happen in this chapel that are very unique, people have very serious moments in their lives, they come to this chapel, they sit here, they meditate, they enjoy the grace of the Ozarks, the grace of the beauty of the landscape, the grace of the chapel, and they find tranquility and they find peace and they find answers in their lives," said Mike Maloney, executive director of the Eureka Springs Advertising & Promotion Commission.

That was what Jim Reed intended when he built Thorncrown Chapel.

"I feel that in this setting in general, so the cathedral or the chapel really capitalizes on that -- the fact that it's out in the woods and it's such a peaceful setting," said Kelley Adkins, a visitor from Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday.

"It's a treasure not only for the state of Arkansas but literally for the whole World," said Maloney.

Little did Jim Reed know just how popular his chapel would become.

"It's drawn people literally from all over the globe; it's been on the cover of time magazine and over the 32 years of history there have been literally thousands of events and weddings at this chapel," said Maloney.

"I was visiting Eureka Springs and I knew this was here and I just wanted to see it," said Adkins.

Adkins is one of the first visitors to see the Chapel's new facelift.

"It's lovely.  It's much smaller than I had anticipated, but it really is striking," said Adkins.

"New pew work, new doors, new work on the roof and really what it means is the chapel is going to be here for another 32 years, hopefully another 150 and 32 years," said Maloney.

It should keep generations of visitors coming back.

"People who maybe got married 32 years ago, now their children are coming here and getting married," said Maloney.

Tuesday's ceremony from 2 to 5:30 includes some of the people who were involved in the building of the Thorncrown Chapel 32 years ago, including one of the construction foremen; Jim Reed's wife, Dell; and the wife of E. Fay Jones, the architect who designed the chapel.

The ceremony is by RSVP only, but anyone can visit Thorncrown Chapel for free on any other day.  It opens at 9 a.m. and they still have services every Sunday morning at 9 and 11.