There wasn't a seat to spare at Larry Buds Sports Bar Friday night.

"When you look around the room and everybody's excited and it has that kind of "team spirit" and "community spirit" it's great," said Kathy Coufal.

"Sure beats sitting at home watching the game," adds Paul Blissett.

With hopes high for a shot at the big dance, people across the city are showing their pride for the black and yellow.

"I felt like anything I could do to rally the city and give them something to be proud of and excited about, I'm all for it."

Local rapper Manish Law remade the Wiz Khalifa song "Black and Yellow" and gave it a shocker flare. And shocker fans are getting behind it.

"It's the number one requested song on 93.9 right now so it's doing well."

WSU came within just one game of making the NCAA Tournament last year. So the hopes of all WSU's fans are hanging on the outcome of this weekend's MVC tournament. One game down, two to go.

"It was a great season and to see them lose down the stretch would be horrible," said Blissett.

"It is a huge deal and we've been waiting all season for this moment because we're gonna take it.!" adds Coufal.

And by sunday afternoon, we'll know if that's the case.