It was bright and clear in Lower Manhattan as the newest skyscraper at the World Trade Center reached its full height Friday morning. One World Trade Center is now 1,776 feet tall.

Workers cheered as a crane lifted the 408-foot spire to the top of the building. An American flag waved in the breeze, a symbol of patriotism nearly 12 years after the attack.

The new tower looks down on the 9/11 memorial, where the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001.

"I think it symbolizes that Americans aren't going to change how they live life or cower in fear because of a terror attack," said Kimberly Trent, of lower Manhattan.

The spire will feature LED lighting that will change colors. It will be turned on in a few months. A second building, 72 stories tall, is under construction at another corner of the World Trade Center site.
Crowd cheers as spire tops One World Trade Center