The mother of an Abilene senior battling cancer says her daughter must continue her treatment of chemotherapy. The news comes one day after Eyewitness News featured star athlete Carly Gassman.

A new MRI scan detected a positive reading on Gassman's tumor. Her mother said the doctors were "ecstatic" about the results of the scan. The student was diagnosed with cancer last spring.

Her mother Susie, said Carly will have to continue taking a chemotherapy pill five days a month over the next year. She will also have to undergo an MRI scan every 12 weeks.


Thursday January 31, 2013

A high school student is fighting to enjoy every minute of her senior year.

Carly Gassman, Abilene, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last spring.

“The doctor came out and I knew it wasn't good news,” Gassman said. “And I thought if I don't open this door it won't be real.”

Since then, she’s tried to balance school sports and treatment and surgeries.

“It’s nice to have goals, especially when you go through something like this,” she said.

Gassman has had three surgeries, along with radiation and chemotherapy while tackling her senior year. She’s finished radiation treatments but continues to travel to Kansas City for chemotherapy.

She isn’t letting her illness stop her play on the court. Gassman did have to miss the start of her basketball season, but scored 13 points in her first game.

“It’s my last chance to play,” she said. “I had a good year last year, so I wanted to keep it going.”

Her father said she’s kept a smile on her face through the struggles.

“It’s hard to take in what she’s able to do,” Randy Gassman said.

Abilene senior battles cancer on the court