Baseball was the talk of the town in Mount Hope Friday.  Not the sport itself, but the baseball sized pieces of hail that crashed down on the town during a severe storm the night before.

"I've never seen hail this big," said insurance agent Roger Christensen, "It was pretty impressive."

Christensen runs the only insurance office in Mount Hope. His phones rang early and often Friday, as clients called to report damaged roofs and cars.

"Usually when they're that big you don't expect it to last very long," said Megan Mahaney, as she stared at the back window of her Volkswagen Jetta.  The window had a half dozen holes from large pieces of hail that crashed through, some as large as four inches in diameter.

"You have to keep your sense of humor.  There's nothing you can do.  You can't stop weather," she said.

Mahaney's yard and street were littered with leaves and small tree limbs.  Thursday's storm didn't bring much rain to Mount hope, but it sure left a lasting impression.