Wichita State University men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall responded late Tuesday afternoon to a public reprimand from the Missouri Valley Conference for comments he made inSt. Louis over the weekend

"I acknowledge the public reprimand from the Missouri Valley Conference regarding my comments and actions following Saturday's game in the MVC Tournament,” said Marshall. “I apologize to Commissioner Elgin and to the Missouri Valley Conference as a whole.”

"While I regret my choice of words in a public forum, and insinuations that could have been made as a result, my thoughts regarding the game remain," Marshall continued. "I will have no further comment regarding this as we prepare Wichita State for the NCAA Tournament."

The MVC put out a statement earlier Tuesday saying Marshall made the inappropriate comments following the loss to Illinois State.  Coach Marshall was upset by the way things were handled at the game and made it clear during a press conference.

"I saw some strange things today, not sure, I'll go with that.  It's pretty tough to win when you see some strange things like I've seen today.  I'm looking forward to going, playing on a neutral court, I like my chances," Coach Marshall said Saturday.

He went on to say we're gonna play in the NCAA tournament.  I'm looking forward to that neutral floor, good a shot if not better than we did today.

League policy prohibits public criticism of game officials or of the conference. Violations of these rules can lead to a private or public reprimand or game suspensions.

WSU coach Gregg Marshall responds to MVC public reprimands