A member of the Wichita State Final Four basketball team is under investigation for rape.  We spoke with a prosecutor in a neighboring county about investigating and prosecuting cases like this.

Harvey County attorney David Yoder says perhaps the biggest issue with rape cases is the very sensitive nature of the crime.  It's hard enough for victims to come forward and report a rape.  And, if you're talking about a case involving a high-profile suspect, Yoder says it's all the more difficult for the victim.

"They know this person is very popular, and they know there is going to be a lot of stigma to it, and there is going to be a lot of backlash on (the accuser)."

Yoder says there can be very good evidence.  If the victim reported it quickly, there's often physical evidence on her body and her clothing.

"The sooner you report it, the sooner that forensic evidence can be obtained, the better the corroboration can be, the better we can maybe find corroborating witnesses," Yoder says.  "So if something like this happens, report it, and report it right away."

In the end, Yoder says most rape cases don't go all the way to trial.  He tries to get plea deals, because a trial can be so traumatic for a victim who would likely need to testify.

High profile rape cases a particular challenge for victim