For What it's Worth---on the Shocks, Bryant and pre-teens


Exasperated with her father who was, apparently, pushing her a little too hard on her chores — my ten-year-old daughter blurts out in frustration: “I can’t wait to get my own apartment”.

The teenage years promise to be fun.

Worst kind of guy to run into in the gym (which I did yesterday)---

Drop the weights and grunt guy wearing a shirt that says ‘Go ahead, pick a fight’.

Not that I ever would, but if I were to pick a fight—it would be with him.

You can still Livestrong---

---you just won’t have any new gear to do it in. Nike, which once was accused of paying off an official to keep a positive drug test from Lance Armstrong quiet, is discontinuing the Livestrong line after the 2013 holiday season (got to get one more Christmas in).

Sports is full of fallen heroes, in fact, it seems like it’s become almost fashionable—as if guys get some sort of perverted street cred from it, but I’m hard pressed to think of a harder fall than Lance Armstrong’s.

You don’t even hear about the guy, save for a few unbroken promises from him that he’ll somehow clear his name. Armstrong’s case is particularly vexing because of all the work he’s helped to spear cancer research.

Remember Darrian Miller?

The running back had a few promising moments in his freshman year at KU, rushing for nearly 600 yards. But he left school in the face of disciplinary problems and enrolled at Butler Community College where he didn’t play last year. Now he’s heading back to Lawrence to take his chances with Charlie Weis as if he’s a softer touch than Turner Gill. I wonder just how football ready Miller will be, but he did have some speed and talent, hopefully now he has the maturity as well.

What about Bryant?

Did you know, without looking, that Bryant University was in Rhode Island? I was intrigued by their Relative Power Index (RPI) of 43, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out how a team in the Northeast Conference can have such a high number. The Bulldogs did play Oregon State four times, but went 0-4. They did take one of three against Ohio State, but the rest of the schedule was underwhelming. This is not to say that Bryant isn’t a very fine baseball team, I just would like to know how their RPI was arrived at.

Shocker firsts---

As impressive as the Shockers five game run through the Valley Tournament was, it came at the expense of generally weak competition. The Shockers have yet to win a game against a team in the top 50 nationally—all three of the teams in Manhattan are ranked in the top 43.

I’m pulling for him---

When you think NFL busts you think of Jamarcus Russell the number one pick out of LSU in the 2007 draft. Laziness cost him a job and a career, but he’s trying to come back despite not playing since 2009. Russell has lost 50 pounds in his workouts with former NFL Quarterback Jeff Garcia and is down to 265 pounds from a high of 315. The free agent is simply trying to get into camp with someone this summer despite never really showing even a glint of promise in his first go round with the Raiders. Only 28 years old, a comeback would be a great story of reclamation.