For What it's Worth---World Series, banged up QB's and the Big 12

True story: The Boston Red Sox owe me a debt of gratitude for, essentially, delivering Arnie Beyeler to them for their first base coach.  Beyeler was interested in television while playing shortstop at Wichita State, so I took him on as an intern at Eyewitness Sports.  Obviously, he got a great dose of reality and decided to stick with baseball.  Smart guy.

My wife thought it was cute that the Bad News Bears showed up last night against the Red Sox, the Cardinals are generally one of the most sure-handed teams in baseball—last night they played kick the can.  It seems silly to think that the moment affected the ‘Cards, but from Pete Kozma’s (a WSU recruit) two gaffes to Adam Wainright’s slow start, to a pop fly falling between pitcher and catcher—it was just one of those nights for St. Louis.  The eight runs for the Red Sox were nice, but they only equal one win.  The Pittsburgh Pirates were outscored by the Yankees by 28 runs in the 1960 World Series, but still won it in seven games.

Best spot on TV---
It may not get me to drink their beer—but I love the sentiment of the Guinness commercial with the guys playing wheel chair basketball.  All of them, save for one, is able-bodied, but they’re playing the game in wheelchairs in support of their one buddy who isn’t.  It’s a good message.

Tough position---
Fans can say all they want about rules designed to protect the quarterback in the NFL, but the fact is that those guys take a beating.  Just seven weeks into the season and already 14 of the 32 teams have lost a quarterback to injury.  This is the fourth straight week that the Chiefs will face a team that’s starting a quarterback who started the year with a clipboard in his hand.

The desperation of some teams was underscored this week by the St. Louis Rams making contact with Brett Favre in the aftermath of Sam Bradford’s season ending injury.  That’s the same Brett Favre who’s now 44 years old.

Speaking of quarterbacks---
You want to know why Mack Brown is in some turmoil at Texas.  Consider this—two weeks ago ten native Texans made starts at quarterback in the NFL—none of them were produced by the University of Texas. 

How weird is the Big 12?
Oklahoma beats TCU, then gets drilled by Texas but the Longhorns are still a slight underdog going to TCU this weekend, am I missing something?

Are we still waiting for the other shoe to drop for Texas Tech, goes it happen this weekend in Oklahoma?  The Raiders four wins in conference have come against teams which are collectively 2-12, their last opponents are currently 11-5.

The time is now---
K-State will be favored in three of their next four games, after being underdogs in their last three starts.  With the absence of Tremaine Thompson and Tyler Lockett in the last two games the need for a quarterback run game was enhanced, with those two guys back in the receiving corps this week don’t be surprised to see a little more of Jake Waters at quarterback this weekend.  Yes, I know Daniel Sams has been huge in the running game against Oklahoma State and Baylor, but they were still games they lost.