Charges will not be filed against four law enforcement officers who shot and killed a man on February 6 shooting.

Officers with the Goddard Police Department, Andale Police Department, Mount Hope Police Department and Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department were involved in the shooting.

According to Reno County District Attorney Keith Schroeder, Darren Baker ran a stop sign at the intersection of 183rd Street West and Maple in Sedgwick County. The incident was captured on a Goddard Police Department patrol car video camera.

Police discovered Baker had stolen the vehicle from a 62-year-old man in the 2500 block of West Douglas in Wichita.

A high-speed chase ensued over the next 22 minutes leading into Reno County. The chase ended in the 3800 block of Parallel Road near Yoder.

Baker reportedly told the man, “A lot of people have been killed for their cars, let go”. During the chase, officers were informed by a police dispatcher that a possible weapon was in the vehicle. During the chase, Baker was observed pointing an object at his head that officers believed to be a gun.

When the chase ended, Baker got out of the driver’s side door. Four officers drew their weapons.

Police say Baker leaned against the driver’s side of the car facing toward the car and appeared to be doing something with his hands. The incident was captured on video by police. 

Investigators say Baker refused at least ten commands to take his arm out of the vehicle. 

At one point, he dropped something on the ground and bent over to retrieve it.  The item appeared on video to be similar to a gun’s magazine clip. Several officers were convinced they saw an object they believed to be a gun in his hand.

Baker then made a gesture as though cross-drawing a firearm from his left side and suddenly pointed his hand directly at the officers.  All four officers fired their weapons, killing Baker.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation investigated the shooting. It found Baker had a history of drug abuse.

Witnesses told police Baker appeared paranoid and didn’t look like he had slept in several days. A family member took a shotgun away from him when he pointed it at his chin in a suicidal gesture and made statements indicating he wanted to hurt himself.

Investigators determined the office had a legitimate fear for their safety when they shot Baker.