Fluoride opponents upset about a recent fact-sheet from the Sedgwick County Health Department spoke out to commissioners Wednesday.

"It looks like the purpose of it was to influence the election," said Fluoride opponent Mark Gietzen.

Sedgwick County Commissioners took the fact-sheet off the health department's website earlier this month, but they allowed both sides a chance to speak about fluoride. It created a mini-debate on the issue.

"My singular purpose is to protest the illegal use of my tax dollars to promote a campaign," said Fluoride opponent Julie Simpson.

Fluoride supporters told commissioners most of the information on that fact-sheet came directly from the Centers from Disease Control.

"Everything on the CDC website is carefully reviewed and scrutinized," said Dr. Bill Maas, who supports fluoridating water.

Dr. Maas flew in from Washington D.C. to represent the group Wichitans for Healthy Teeth. He also wanted to dispell some, of what he calls, misinformation about fluoride being shared around town.

"When I would hear people talk about why they were against water fluoridation, they gave reasons that were not supported by the evidence," Maas told commissioners.

Two commissioners questioned Dr. Maas' position, but the board said early on this was not meant to be a public hearing on fluoridating Wichita water. Instead they saw it as information sharing session for the public.

Commissioners took no action on the discussion, saying it will be up to the voters to decide November 6th.

19 people testified before commissioners Wednesday, each one was given three minutes to state their views. The group was nearly split, with 11 people speaking out against fluoride and 8 speaking out in favor of the measure.
Many speak out about Sedgwick County's fluoride fact-sheet