Players call them turf turds, but they don't stink. Instead they made for an unsafe place to play.

Thousands of the little black balls are on the football field at the Junior Seau Sports Complex in La Mesa.

"They get in all your shoes when you are running and stuff, and you get burns, so sometimes they hurt when you fall," explained Pop Warner fullback Noah Ylagan.

Officials say turf at the field was laid down in 2003, but its not holding up. The company responsible for the turf, is no longer in business, so the warranty expired.

The field is used by more than 1,000 Pop Warner players, their cheerleaders, kids from a nearby middle school and adult football teams.

"Sometimes there are potholes everywhere, so you can twist your ankle real easy," Pop Warner player Michael Alvarado said.

The La Mesa Athletic Council met Tuesday night, trying to draft a fund raising game plan. Their goal is to raise $100,000 to keep the field in use.

"In January, when the inspectors come, depending on whatever repairs the city can make, it could be shut down," said Steve Turley president of the LMAC.