Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk ( / April 15, 2012)

SAN DIEGO – Professional skater Tony Hawk used Twitter Sunday to play hide and seek with millions of fans around the world.

The San Diego native, along with the help of countless volunteers, hid gift packages loaded with Tony Hawk gear in 45 states and several countries.  He and his staff posted clues for his nearly 3,000,000 Twitter followers to find the boxes.

“Wow, just wow, thank you Tony Hawk,” said 8-year-old Christopher Warner of San Diego.

Warner followed the clues with his mom and found a box in Vista.  They both watched every tweet Hawk sent out and were the first to the Vista location.  Inside the box, there were Tony Hawk shirts, a helmet, games, and an autographed Tony Hawk skateboard.

“This is a joy and an awesome to stay connected with fans, I’m glad to give back,” Hawk told Fox 5. “This is an awesome day."

Hawk even hid some of the boxes himself, riding around North County with his children.

“All we wanted was a photo confirmation from anyone who found a box, and in just about all cases someone found a box within 10-minutes of us posting it on Twitter," he said.

Hawk has done this sort of annual contest for years, sharing clues and asking the lucky finders to share photos of themselves and their spoils on Twitter. The grand giveaway is sponsored by numerous companies who gain from the free publicity.