SAN DIEGO – Skateboard icon Tony Hawk made it his mission to share his financial rewards.

The San Diego native's brand has skyrocketed to amounts that he never imaged.  He's been in video games, acted, become an author, has his own clothing line, hosts a satellite radio program, and produces programs for YouTube’s RIDE Channel.  

Yet Hawk said his biggest achievement is give back to the community.

“I’ve been blessed. Why not share? It’s so awesome to have the ability to help make the world better and do my part,” said Hawk.

Hawk created a foundation that donates millions of dollars a year to fund skate parks in low-income areas around the nation, including San Diego County.

 “I’m not trying to create the next best skater per say," he said.  "I just to give kids a place to foster their skill and just a place to have fun with no worries."

His passion to give is connecting to his fans through Twitter.  For Hawk’s 44th birthday, he’s campaigning to raise $44,000 through fan donations to bring clean water to poor nations that are living in some of the worst conditions imagined.

“We’re so lucky to have clean water here, but so many smaller countries don't have the luxury," he said. "I decided to get my fans involved raising money.  I didn’t want any birthday gifts; I just want the world to help give everyone cleaner water.”

You can check out his campaign at

Hawk said he’s not sure how long he wants to keep skating, but indicated as long as his body says "yes" he’ll stay on the board.

Hawk plans to expand his enterprise in North County by hiring more local staffers in the coming years.