(By Tania Navarro)

At least 20 police trucks were damaged in a Molotov cocktail attack at a Tijuana Mazda dealership early Tuesday morning.

A group of 37 new Ford F150 pickup trucks labeled with the Tijuana police logo were being stored at the dealership when five male suspects in a Chevy Tahoe arrived with assault weapons and tied down to the security guard, police said.

The Tijuana Police Department said that the attack took place around 12:30 a.m. and that nobody was hurt.

Tijuana Fire Department investigator Julio Martinez said in a preliminary review that the police cars were burned out with the use of a chemical agent, such as gasoline.

"It is obvious that this was done by a group of persons and that the idea wasn't to hurt somebody," Martinez said. "This is a fearless message to the authorities."

Tijuana City Clerk Mario Martinez Castillo said that the damaged police cars were not property of the city yet.

He also said that the patrol trucks were at the dealership to be equipped with turrets, sirens, strobes, and speakers.

Six trucks were classified as total losses and 15 more sustained broken glass and other damages.