Not everyone can get the H1N1 vaccine. Because of the supply shortage, it is only being offered to pregnant women, those who care for infants under six months old, anyone six months to 24 years of age, adults with underlying medical conditions between 24 and 65 years of age and health care workers.

Pregnant women however, can get only the shot, because the nasal spray version contains a live form of the virus that would be too risky for the unborn baby. The shot they need is virtually out of stock in San Diego County. Right now, the only place you can get it, is at the health center on East Madison in El Cajon.

Only 50 percent of what was allocated for San Diego County in October actually arrived.

Why is there a shortage? The virus is needed to make the vaccine, and the virus isn't spreading as quickly as expected. If samples of the virus cannot be collected, vaccines cannot be made.

San Diego's November allotment is expected to arrive sometime before Thanksgiving.