Strange lights seen above El Cajon have prompted dozens of emails and phone calls. People out on New Year's eve saw the strange red lights, and many believe they were a possible UFO sighting. A viewer from El Cajon caught the whole thing on video. Josh Canton says he saw three red blinking lights in a triangle formation, and then suddenly they all just stopped blinking. Canton called in a UFO researcher to take a look at the footage. "I'd say you have about a 95% chance that this is flares tied to balloons, and you got maybe a 5% chance that it's something else tied to a balloon," says UFO researcher David Safford. Safford believes that the flashing lights were a well planned hoax. He says these types of hoaxes are common on firework heavy holidays like New Year's and July 4th."If you want to put on a hoax, you want to put it on when it's going to get a lot of attention," says Safford.