SAN DIEGO – A scathing report on alcohol use and sales in Pacific Beach will be sent to City Hall after a long night of discussion by the Pacific Beach Planning Group.

The report was prepared by Pacific Beach residents who advocate stricter regulations on restaurants that stay open late and serve alcohol.  It outlines a series of statistics that proponents contend prove the need for a Conditional Use Permit, which would pay for more police.

 "Are we okay with living with the crime, or do we want to reduce it 20-to-40 percent?" asked Jerry Hall of PBSpirits, the organization behind the idea. "We as citizens are subsidizing the bars and restaurants.  We think the bars and restaurants should help contribute a little."

Supporting Hall’s claim is a report prepared by fellow Pacific Beach residents.  It points to a higher-than-normal concentration of alcohol licenses in the neighborhood’s business district, higher-than-average alcohol-related crime and a large number of "morphed" businesses that change from restaurants into bars late at night.

It also claims the California Alcohol Beverage Control agency provides little or no oversight over the businesses and lacks the ability to enforce the licenses it approves.

"It’s going to take a major catastrophe -- several people getting killed at the same time -- to get something to happen," Hall said.

Bar owners are resistant to the changes being called for by PBSpirits.  They believe there are other options that would better serve the community.

"There are two million visitors that come to Pacific Beach annually," said David Jones with Verant Group, a company that manages several local bars, "There isn’t one silver bullet we can shoot out of a gun and solve the problems it brings."