After the video of teen star Miley Cyrus allegedly smoking out of a bong made headlines across the country, people across the U.S. wanted to see it and learn more about what salvia is.

The day the news broke, the subject occupied three of the top 20 spots on Google's search engine. The word 'salvia' also made the top 20.

Some hedge shops across California reported sales of salvia increasing by as much as 300 percent, according to Fox News. San Diego stores experienced similar spikes.

"Since the Miley Cyrus incident, we probably have five people asking about it a day," said Jesse, manager of Illusions Smoke Shop in Kearny Mesa. "So, we have to order it in because we usually only carry it once a month."

Former state assemblyman Anthony Adams had tried to get the hallucinogenic herb banned in California three years ago, but the legislation failed. Now, with Miley's video being so popular, he has renewed his desire for a ban on salvia and has encouraged current lawmakers to support one.

Salvia is described as a psychoactive plant that can reduce or block signals between the conscious mind and the brain. It is already illegal in 15 states. In California, adults are able to purchase it, but it is illegal for minors. In San Diego County, National City passed legislation in 2008 banning the sale of salvia, but it is not illegal to smoke it there.