SAN DIEGO -- Several hair stylists across San Diego donated their time and skills to cut hair to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Sunday.

The third annual cut-a-thon involved five local salons and hoped to raise $7,000.

Salon owner Douglas Soboe started the fundraiser after a client told him that no one was cutting hair at the Ronald McDonald House.

"I was looking to do something children-related, and the Ronald McDonald House just popped up," said Soboe. "I feel like it just chose me."

The Ronald McDonald House is a place for parents of sick kids to stay while their children are in the hospital. The House is located across the street from Rady Children's Hospital.

Catherine Settineri stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for six weeks after delivering her son prematurely.

"If you have to go through it, this is the place to be. "We were really fortunate to be here," said Settineri. "They really just took care of everything that we needed."

Her son, Jackson McNulty, died of lung complications. He was born at 27 weeks.

Settineri now volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and was one of several people to get her hair cut for the cut-a-thon.

"It makes you feel new, the change is good," she said. "It's just a fresh start."

Stylist Alex French has volunteered at the event since it started and said it helps people heal.

"If someone is down on their luck and they've had a really hard time, making yourself appear to look a little better might sound superficial, but it's not. It really does a lot to help someone out," said French.

Haircuts were free, but most recipients donated $15 or $20 to the cause.