Carolyn Granrud

Carolyn Granrud

A retired San Diego librarian, who lived in a mobile home, died and left $1 million to a Minnesota college.

St. Olaf College will be receiving an inheritance of approximately $1 million from the estate of the late Carolyn Amalie Granrud, who died last November at age 88.

According to a St. Olaf College newsletter, Granrud, who majored in sociology '43, began her professional life as a social worker in Warren, Minnesota. She later obtained a degree in library science from the University of Minnesota and worked briefly in the Minneapolis area before heading to San Diego, where she lived modestly in a mobile home.

She worked as a librarian and associate professor at San Diego State University.

St. Olaf College's newsletter mentioned, 'Granrud's family had deep ties to St. Olaf beyond the fact that her parents and two siblings were alumni. All four of her grandparents -- including the daughter of one of St. Olaf's incorporators -- taught at the college. And her father, Carl F. Granrud '18, served on the Board of Regents.'

Granrud had given previous monetary gifts, totaling $1.3 million, to the school for St. Olaf scholarships for children of Lutheran clergy.