CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - The final 16 contestants on Fox’s hit show “MasterChef” cooked a gourmet meal to feed 201 local Marines.

“It's awesome to come close to the might and shear power of the U.S. military and have to feed it,” said “MasterChef” judge Joe Bastianich. 

The episode which aired Monday evening was actually filmed at Camp Pendleton in March. 

The judges said this season features the most talented and unique contestants yet, including one who is blind

“It's interesting because it's almost an advantage due to the fact that you're using other senses touch, smell, sound,” said judge Graham Elliot.  “You realize as you turn one thing off, all of the others become magnified.”

Elliot’s father served in the military for 32 years, and he said he spent time in San Diego growing up. 

The two teams served BBQ and summer pasta. There was a bump in the road when judge Gordon Ramsay noticed some of the pork was still raw. 

“That’s what we’re serving the bloody Marines,” he shouted holding the raw pork.  “Get a grip and wake up!”

Ramsay, who spent time in Afghanistan four Christmases ago serving meals to troops, said it was a pleasure to visit Camp Pendleton.

“These men and ladies put their lives at risk on a daily basis to defend this country,” said Ramsay.  “One thing we can do from a chef's point of view is send them back out to battle with a bloody good dinner.”

The Marines showed up in force for the meal which was served in a field.  They arrived on tanks, in helicopters and carrying guns.