SAN DIEGO - A size six is now considered plus size according to the fashion industry and most runway models meet the physical criteria for anorexia, PLUS Model Magazine said.

The article in the editoral magazine's January issue featured a nude photo shoot of plus size models including one nude picture of a plus size model next to a straight size model, highlighting the disparity. 

“A six is still average so I don't see why they would say that,” said Ashley Tabajunda, a college student. “Some of the girls you can see the collar bone in the back the spine I don't think it's attractive. I don't want it.”

The magazine article also said many modern day plus models are wearing the same sizes models like Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley wore in the 90s in the height of their careers. 

Heather Pierson treats people with eating disorders at the Harmony Grove Eating Disorder Treatment Center.  She said seeing images of waif like models over and over again can be damaging.

“It warps the perception of what is normal and sets up and ideal that's unachievable,” said Pierson.

Some magazine readers wrote that waif like models shouldn’t be celebrated but neither should obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Pierson said the answer lies in changing the focus of society’s obsession.

“Which is to value women for the inside for the interior for what really matters,” she said. “What do they have to contribute? Are they a good person? Not what's on the exterior being overvalued and unfortunately to a standard that's unachievable for most people.”